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It was a good interview. Fitz asked him at one point if he ever talked to Montana or Young in the huddle about getting the ball and he emphatically denied ever doing that, but he did add that sometimes they would look into his eyes to see if maybe they should go to him. He went on to say that if he had, then that would have forced the issue and bad things could have come from it. He used the example of the pick last night when Delhomme tried to force the pass to Smith that sealed the game for the Cowgirls. He blamed that on Smith cutting off his route.

While listening to the interview, I wondered if they were going to ask him about Crabtree during the football part of the interview after the commercial break, but no questions went there.

they did. they he said he wold of helpd out the team if he would off beensigned by mini camp, and that 16-20 million is alot to get before you even get in the filed. That he would even sign right now he ready to go.

I think you must be thinking about some other interview. I recently read where he was quoted as saying what you said, but he didn't say it today during the KNBR interview. Just to make sure, I completely relistened to the interview, all 26 minutes and 16 seconds, and Crabtree never came up.

Here's the link to the page with Part I and Part II of the interview: http://www.knbr.com/pages/podcasts?iframe=1