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When was your last 9er 'jump up and down' moment?

After a near lifetime's worth of great memories from this team over the 80's, 90's and early 2000's we haven't had a lot of huge moments like what those Minnesota country-bumpkins got to experience at our expense last Sunday.

I can remember just a few (fairly) recent games where I was so excited I jumped out of my seat. The Seattle game in 2006 comes to mind (Smith's big play shaking off the blitzing corner and hitting Gore for the TD).

Going back further, the big comeback in the NFC playoff against the Giants, the Catch II in 99, the 98 yard overtime run by Garrison Hearst against the Jets in 1998, etc. All too long ago, though.

We need and deserve some more great football memories -- hopefully coming this year and for many more to come.

Any other recent big plays or games that I'm not remembering right now?
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I jump up and down when we get a first down
My moment that I jumped out my seat was the Packers and 49ers playoff game (forgot what year). it was the young to owens TD pass to win the game... yessem that would do it for me...
Probably when we sacked Warner in the endzone forcing a fumble and recovering for the TD, ending the game in OT.
Jesus I must be a lame'o cause I jumped up and down this year at AZ when Smith sacked Warner on the last play.

Originally posted by IWASATTHECATCH:

Ya...I jumped out of my seat when Frank broke that first one.
I wasn't jumping up and down but I was screaming at my TV when Favre passed the line of scrimmage.
I was jumping up and down when they drafted Bass Master, er Raushaun Woods.
Pretty much every good play that the niners make at the games and at home/Bar

To be honest, I think it was when Alex scored the game winning TD on the 2007 Monday Night opener.
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Jumping for joy was the blocked field goal for a TD.

We all know the last jumping with dread moment.
1998 when we beat the Packers in the Playoffs the Catch 2!!!
Originally posted by DJD:
Jumping for joy was the blocked field goal for a TD.

Same here.
Originally posted by 49erFan:
Originally posted by DJD:
Jumping for joy was the blocked field goal for a TD.

Same here.

Good one. That was a big play, to be sure. Seemed at that point like the tide was turning in that game.
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