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Some of you are thinking that i'm just talking about last sundays loss

When in perspective i'm talking about every game mark roman has played for this team!!!!!

i can never and will never give this guy credit for anything.

i'd take sammy davis over this guy.
Simple coverage. Roman deep circle zone in the endzone and CB's underneath. G. Lewis came into Roman's zone and just watced the ball zip by him and made a last ditch effort to knock it away.

That was terrible. Any one of us, assuming you have two legs and two arms, could have made that play. Just go to the ball and KNOCK THAT s**t DOWN.
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Originally posted by itlynstalyn:
Originally posted by Mex49:
Originally posted by NinerDreamer11:
Originally posted by Mex49:
not it

Well, what do you expect, he's the worse player on the team, i hate seeing this guy on the field, he doesn't deserve playing time EVER.'

He barely makes a play for us, It's so frustrating to see him miss a coverage play.

He's the reason why Clements has struggled last couple years, He's the worst FS in the league.

Maybe you should watch the play again so you can see Justin Smith put his hand right on Favre's #4 and still let him get the throw off. Now that deserves some blame. Maybe Roman was thought Smith was going to do his job

You can't be serious. Blaming Justin Smith for not being able to sack Favre? That's the most ridiculous thing I've heard all day. Roman let his man get to the ball on a miraculous throw that should have been knocked down. Give me a break.

This whole thread is a joke but your attempt to clear one player of blame while putting all of it on another in the same breath you call a throw miraculous is by far the funniest thing I have read all day
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