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If anyone cares to watch the 49er/vikes replay

I would probably cry the 2nd thanks
Originally posted by matt49er:
I would probably cry the 2nd thanks
I know it's been pointed out on this forum before, but for those of you who would like to see any of the 49er games (or any other NFL game) later on Sunday evening after the they've been played or anytime after that, all season long, as many times as you want, on demand, you can do it through NFL Rewind.

It's a service on Just go to their website, go to NFL Rewind, and for $40 you can see every 49er game all season long, as often as you wish. For $50, you can see all the games for every team, all season, any time you want. Just remember, they're not accessible 'til Sunday evening at 9pm.

One cool thing about it is that they cut out all the commercials, too, so all you see is the football action.

It's a great way to see any of the 49er games any time you want. It's totally on-demand.

Yetiman sez check it out:

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