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If anyone cares to watch the 49er/vikes replay

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the only thing that will be different is it'll have more Viking drives that say on the bottome "after SF 3 and out"

and a bunch of interviews from the players
I record every niner game on my DVR, but this one I deleted immediately Unwatchable.
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No thanks, once was more than enough.
Uhhhh, no. Let's move on.
I'd rather get re-circumsized.
Yeah, I don't need to watch it. I was at the game and live in Minneapolis. It's going to be a while before anyone (including myself) will let me forget about it. Sonsab***hes!!!
search function

Everybody should still give it a watch for the NFL Films footage (our uniforms look f**king crisp on NFL Films cameras), and the mic'd up sideline segments.

I'll tell ya one thing though, the enthusiasm/commentary on our sidelines hasn't been this interesting/colorful since the Mooch was here. -Our team has some personality finally!
yeah our unis are really nice, i think the road jersey's were a major upgrade from the crud we wore last year.
wow I got PWNED!! I started this thread yesterday and my thread got merged into the thread of the guy that forgot about the search function
You think they'll show that one throw Favre made?
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