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Tim Ryan of Fox says - 49ers will win the

Originally posted by TDNiners:

Tim Ryan was in KNBR at 11:40 with Gary Radnich.

He likes what he sees and he thinks we are going to win the west.

In all honesty the Superbowl looser does not usually make the playoffs. But even if you don't beleive in the Superbowl jinx, there are always the facts:

Cardinals: 2 new coordinators, upset WR in Bolden and not much production from the RB position.

Seahawks: New OC, New Coach, QB consistently hurt, good team but not outstanding on either side of the ball. RB carousel.

Rams: Do I Really need to say anything?

49ers: QB undefeated at home and good game manager with flashes of doing more especially with game on the line. 2 good RB's in Coffee (While unproven looked pretty good against the best D-line in stopping the run). Defense is one of the top in the league. But more than what you can put on paper is the heart and fight. Best example I can point to is VD who in his first few seasons was a loud mouth immature brat. After every catch he was a total show boat. Yesterday he downplayed his TD's because they don't mean anything if they don't win you the game.

It's that type of maturity and responisbility that has spread through the whole team. I don't see us in the SB this year but I will be really shocked if we don't come away with the West. I mean after all we are 1 week away from taking a demanding lead in our conference.
Originally posted by NinerFan1977:
Originally posted by King49er:
It's only week 3


well some people think it is kind of challenging to pick division winners before week 17

To tell you the truth after week 4 I don't have any respect for peoples got to be able to call em early, otherwise it is just more stating of the obvious. So good for Tim Ryan, he got in before my deadline
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