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Strange: No camera shot from the back of the endzone...

It hurts but it is a touchdown.
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watching dre bly drop that pick-6 almost hurts as much.
Originally posted by PatrickWillisHOF:
Why was there no camera angle from the back of the endzone. We all saw that Lewis got his right foot in, but they didnt show the angle from the back of the endzone. Dont they always have cameras on each side at the back of the endzone. Did anybody CLEARLY see his left foot get in? Hmmm its Favre. The NFL loves him and he makes money for them by making the game exciting. If someone saw an angle from either the right or left back of the endzone, please comment. But I sure as hell didn't see an angle that showed his left foot stay in.

How many angles do you have to see. I saw several that showed both feet in

If you are looking for evidence that this didn't happen, and that it wasn't a touch down you just won't find it. However, you maybe it's because there were only grainly shots from the grassy knoll.
TD, lets move on. Had it been called an incomplete pass, it would of stayed that way. Insufficient evidence either way.
It doesn't make a difference. The game is over and we've got to move on.
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Roman could have PUSHED the WR out of bounce as the force out rule doesn't apply anymore.

But give credit where it's due: it was a great throw and great catch. Now we know how it feels to be on the other side of "the catch".
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