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How many more games are we expected to WIN with a pathetice offense

C'mon seriously, that loss to Minn was a painful one.....and an embarrassing one!!!! I'm ashamed to say I saw the game, that's f&$&ing sad
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We already won 2 games with this same offense. One game was obviously a worse performance than this.
Wow retarded response. We played one of the best defenses at home and basically won the game. We played conservatively in the first half and opened up more in the second. Our offense looked great when it mattered.
our offense was playing a top five defense today and we still scored. its early in the season, they will continue to get better. playing against a probable superbowl contender, a HOF QB and a biased, blind officiating crew and only losing by three points on the last few seconds of the game is pretty damn impressive. the vikings are probably the hardest team on our schedule. we will get better, we have every week. be patient
alot more
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umm.........6? 7? 16?
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Emotional outbursts are to be expected after a heartbreaker like this, guys wil calm down soon.
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