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Every Game This Season Is Winnable

Each team we have played so far has had the potential to win big. Every team we have played has played our game. After this game, even though we lost, it appears that every other game on our schedule is a winnable game for us. Assuming all of the normal variables, health, good game plan, execution etc, we can win each of these games. Our biggest challenges will be the Cardinals and the Eagles. I have predicted 9-7 for this year, but if the Niners can take out their frustration on teams like the Rams and learn from this defeat we will be a difficult team to beat. I would not be surprised to do better than 9-7.

I like that the defense line is playing well. Franklin, Sop, and Smith are doing well. McDonald and Balmer are doing well also. Brooks is coming on and will bolster the LB group and the DBs are doing pretty well.

Oline is still spotty, and if Coffee does not pan out hopefully we will ge Sheets in and see if he can help us. V. Davis is improving, and the WRs are playing well. Play calling is too conservative but that may open up as the season goes on.

I see a lot of things to be encouraging about and see us doing well this year.
Agreed, although Philly in their house is going to be really tough.

I'm not so depressed when I look at the schedule unlike previous years.

Health is key for this season, especially O-line imo.
I believe!
That's the great thing about getting back to respectability; every game is winnable.
I expect to win every week now, and it's not just blind faith anymore and it feels so good knowing the niners can.

I wouldn't be surprised if we bring up Sheets this week, but hope for a speedy recovery for gore.
Every game is loseabe (not a word) too if we play like pussies.
Only if the 9ers "coach to win" not "coach not to lose!"
Singletary is the man, stating "we'll see them again in the playoffs". He has EVERYONE believing that this is absolutely true, that we CAN beat any opponent we face and should win our division. I really think we need to stay calm and take it 'a game at a time', it'd be devastating to lose at home to St Louis next weekend so we've just got to focus and play like we've played all year. With Nolan, I would have had my doubts. With Singletary, I'm looking forward to the Niners delivering a pre-bye week asskicking next weekend and having a 3-1 record (3-0 in our division). GO NINERS!!!!!
Originally posted by TDNiners:
Only if the 9ers "coach to win" not "coach not to lose!"

Agree, the coaching has been our achilles heel.
Yet the coaching has gotten us to the point of being in every single game and in position to win every single game. I expect the Niners to be in every game this year. As I have looked at all of the other teams in our schedule we can beat every one of those teams. And most importantly our team has to believe that they can beat every single one of those teams. The data, so far, is even when we don't play well we can still beat them. If we play well, and consistently we can win all of those games as well. So next week we need to beat a team we clearly should beat emphatically.

Guys, save up for your heart transplants because it's going to be a long season with a lot of close close ball games.
After this game, I honestly believe that there aren't many teams that we can't compete with at the moment. Our defense and special teams will keep us in games, and can also give us some big plays.
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I agree, more so because Shaun Hill is developing that aura that we are never out as long as he is back there, he has a bunch of 4th quarter drives for TDs, has brought us back to win the game a couple of times and some other very close calls actually i think that our road to success is to put the team on his hands, the hell with this establish the run theme!..

go niners!
that's because every team is beatable this year.
We have the talent to get to the playoffs, Singletary was not bulls**tting about that whether you look at how we execute or not there's a lot of potential.

Also, for what Singletary has done with these guys opposed to how they performed under Nolan it's pretty damn remarkable, and we're only going to build upon this talent next year within a huge draft (baring tons of picks).

I think we're going to be the 2008 Portland Trail Blazers, we'll make the playoffs, stutter in the first round, and be a very scary team in 2010.
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