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Offensive post-game analysis (@ Minn)

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I hate how we are focusing our offense on an injury prone RB. Sorry to say I love Gore but face it his ankle is always giving him trouble.

We can't just focus on running the ball when Gore is always getting hurt & our o line sucks against great run defenses (AZ & MIN)

Raye needs to trust that Hill can move the ball around, utilize VD more, more play action passes!

THANK YOU! Wrote the EXACT same thing in the gameday thread. It also hurts me to write that, but Gore is NOT a reliable player due to his injuries.

And our plan is to give this RB 20-25 carries per game?? Lotsaluck.

I mean I'd understand if we just sucked at passing but the way we are playing

our passing game > running game by a long shot. I'm not saying lets become the Cardinals and just be a pass happy offense because we don't have the tools for that type of an offense.

But c'mon we have to be more balanced and stop being so damn predictable, part of the reason of being unable to convert 3rd downs is because of that, BEING TO PREDICTABLE. Keep the D on their feet and GUESSING, if they already know what we are going to call then we will not have success.

Yeah, I don´t buy this "we don´t have the personell to pass" BS. Last year we were pass happy and that was our best offense in some time. Now, I don´t man we should do what we did last year. Martz is a unique OC. But we could using 4-WR sets every once and awhile.

Also, it wouldn´t hurt to pas out of the I and run out of the spread to keep the D honest. Really, just by looking at our alignment everyone can guess what we are going to do.
Singletary is trying to make this team into a running team, and he is not going to abandon that goal now. I think he is willing to lose a game if he is able to develop his long-term goal of becoming a team that can run at will. He will run until the line gets good at, until we can't be stopped. He will not abandon the run -- he will force us to become unstoppable. Some coaches will out-think you and change the game plan to win, Singletary wants a smash-mouth dominant offense that can get first downs on the ground at will, even when everybody knows we are going to run. He wants his guys to never give up and is trying to establish a mindset that we will prevail, that we will dominate on the ground. Changing that approach to win a given game early in the season would undermine his plan.

He also believes (according to various sources) that running, running, and more running wears down the defense so that running and passing become easier late in a game.

I say give him a chance to develop the team he wants. I'm not saying it will work, but this team sure seems better than anything we've put on the field for a long time. If we can develop the ability to run at will, to get first downs when everybody knows we are going to run, we will become tough to beat. That becomes a recipe to go deep into the playoffs.
i just want a game plan that is unpredictable whether it leans towards running or passing. you can be a run focused team if u mix up the runs/formations. you can be a pass focused team if u spread the ball to different players and from different formations.

but when you advertise the play when morgan comes down and squats behind the left tackle or when your running playbook consists of 1)off guard left, 2)off guard right, 3)off morgans ass while he's squating behind left tackle if just riduculous.

being that i live in chicago i saw this type of play when john shoop called the bears offense for like 2-3 years. it was truly putrid. the bears had a pretty decent roster but horrible coaching. i'm beginning to feel the same way about this 9ers team.

i mean our o-line can't seem to block period. neither the run or the pass. save a few times here and there. it seems like just common sense to me that if a player say right tackle is gettin beat, you put a back on the right side to help him out. or you throw a screen to that side to slow him up or a delay in the game between the guard/tackle to make him think twice about going upfield so fast.

i'm an avid football watcher and by no means a coach. but if i can figure that out why can not our coaches. and really why is our oline so bad. we have better players now on the oline then we did when frank had that awesome year. yet we had much better play then from the o-line.

to me this offensive playcalling has been just aweful. when we have scored it is not because the correct play was called at the correct time. it is because our players have made it work. any success on offense thus far has nothing to do with the playcalling, but more so to do with the players making a play.

i just need to vent to you guys all week long. only way i will feel better and i'm sure you guys feel the same way.

if we dont show some improvement by next week with this play calling i am gonna officially start wanting a new regime.

with this playcalling we might be competitive and challenge good teams, but we will not win. you don't win by trying not to lose. you win by going for the jugular. we have totally no sense of situational football, matchups/mismatches, strategy.

and the writers better roast sing/ray for the playcalling.
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