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Something is going on with the 49ers.....I just

Originally posted by jreff22:

hes been a huge gift to all of us. Ronnie Lott said he broke 13 Helmuts one season. Dont mess with Coach Sing.
I will be at next sundays game does anyone know where to get those f**k and it has the name of the team we're playing shirts. I was looking everywhere last week to get f**k the seahawks shirt but i couldn't find any!
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Originally posted by SybErkRimInAL:
yea, thanks Jim! Maybe I"ll come out on TV like you did during that MNF win against arizona.

BTW, you only sell to niner fans right??

Huh? Whut he do?

Syber, Did he sell the shorts too?

no way thats extra charge, and more if you want them washed.

I was dissapointed to not see you at the tailgate. I was stuck there with all those short folk alone.

me too sorry that was the 1st one I have missed in years. Next time. Mr Ron. Good thing you were there to keep them boys in line.
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