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Niners getting noticed and alot of attention now.

Originally posted by fister30:
One truth about a bright light is that is does illuminate everything that might not have been seen before, a sobering experience.

Very well put.

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2 wins and we're a dynasty again. Seriously, we need to stay grounded, as Coach Sing appears to do and take one game at a time. We're not going to win 'em all, but continuing progress is the best gauge of where we're heading. Frankly, I'd rather have less attention and sneak up on people like Walsh did when he engineered that blessed metamorphosis way back, it seems like eons ago.
Originally posted by RedWaltz24:
Yeah, the Niners are getting a lot of attention for now and they will continue to get attention if they can beat the Vikings. If they don't beat the Vikings then they will start only talking about Crabtree again.

I wish with all this attention they would show the game on Fox this Sunday here in Houston, but Fox isn't showing any of the morning NFC games here. Oh well.

Agreed. The articles will stop coming once we lose. For the respect and news to continue, we have to keep winning.

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