I don't know if Davis is going to have a big game this week. He might be needed to help out in pass protection due to Minnesota's defense. I wouldn't mind some 2 TE sets though. I think that we have to find a way to get Davis involved, however that may be. They do a nice job of that earlier on but then he becomes forgotten. They need to focus on him the entire game because right now he's pretty much our best receiver. You throw the guy a simple pass and you're guaranteed positive yardage. The guy is impossible to bring down one on one.

Morgan also has to get involved. Hopefully Jason Hill and Brandon Jones can contribute too, because I can see both teams having problems running the ball and it might come down to who has a better game between Favre and Hill, and who can get to the other team's QB more often.

I'm thinking this is going to be a close game that could go either way.