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If Adrian Peterson & Patrick Wills go FULL SPEED towards each other...WHO Wins?

If Adrian Peterson & Patrick Wills go FULL SPEED towards each other...WHO Wins?

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Originally posted by TlSSER:
Originally posted by Luca:
Originally posted by WheresWaldo:
lol what kind of question is that? We already know the answer to that.

Thank you!!!! and yes we already know.

Peterson says he's a much better runner than he was two years ago....

-- Matt Barrows

And Willis is a much improved tackler
Add Manny Lawson to the list of players that could tackle him 1 on 1, he's a long armed fast linebacker who is a GREAT tackler. If AP tries to get the corner he will be met by the long arms of the Law, Manny Lawson! The only thing I'm a bit worried about is Haralson on the other side, great pass rusher, good tackler, but he's not the fastest thing in the world so if they run a few stretch plays to his side we better hope Willis closes in a hurry or Goldson steps up and makes a play.
Nobody wins. That's what creates black holes.
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Peterson = Beast
Willis = Beastmaster
Willis crushes him.
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Careful in the front row, it'll get messy.
AP won't go straight intoo Willis, that would be stupid from a personal and football standpoint. He would try to juke!

BUT, if he did, Willis would drop him hard!
Im going to say head on? AP
I think I will go with the bigger guy who weighs more and is trained to put his head down and hit people.

Just a hunch...I mean, Willis has 30 pounds on AP. AP is good, but he isn't Brandon Jacobs.
P-Willy weighs more. More mass = P-Willy wins..

Zak Keasey, he's a beast!
depends on who can get lower....
I don't understand how AP could say that him meeting Willis in the hole last year was a draw. Ignoring the fact that he lost yards on the play, he's the one that gets stood up and dropped. Perhaps because he fell laterally, he felt it was a draw. still doesn't make sense to me.
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Originally posted by Juniorminime:
depends on who can get lower....

Exactly! And Peterson is known as a upright runner who has an incredible amount of speed and quickness. Patrick Willis is known, and we've all witnessed, as one of the hardest hitters, if not, the hardest hitter in the league. This combined with his speed and punishing tackling technique it wouldn't even be a contest. In the great words of Ochocinco...Child Please!
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Originally posted by the_woad:
Probably whoever is running faster. If they are running the same speed, whoever is heavier.

Force = Mass x Acceleration
end of argument

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