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Peterson gunning for Willis?

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Originally posted by kenger04:
Does anybody else actually remember the last time we played MN? I do. The question isn't how well we defend against AP, it's how hard do we play when he is on the sideline? In 2007 we lost because we took a play off because AP wasn't in the game. And what happened that play? Oh yea, Chester Taylor ripped off a 60 some yard run to the left side to seal a MN win. This is what worries me.

We are 2-0 since I bought Willis' jersey and I will be wearing it to the game on sunday. So lets make it 3-0. GO 9ERS.

The last couple of times we've played them the game was competitive. We beat them in 2006, 9-3. I expect the same this week. I think we can contain AP. We did last time. But overall, I think that's the main key to winning this game. If we contain the run, Favre has to beat us and I don't think he can.

Hopefully Harvin doesn't have a huge game. That would be a slap in our face, losing the game because of a WR drafted in the 1st round.
Peterson is great, but he's gonna get hurt bad one of these days. He got injured a few times in college.

Patrick Willis might re-break his collar bone.
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