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I don't buy into the power rankings much, but I must admit, as a niner fan in western pa it's nice to see us ranked above the steelers. The only thing I hate more than the steelers is their bandwagon riding fans...

The only thing I hat more the Steeler bandwagon fans are Cowboy bandwagon fans

As long as they keep their head coach we wont have to worry about many new fans.
And to think they were looking into Singletary for the head coaching position!! lol I bet they are pissed about that one
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why doesn't anyone talk about the fact that we literally came one play away from beating the Vikings WITHOUT THE NFC's SECOND LEADING RUSHER IN OUR BACK FIELD? Seriously, the Vikings get little respect from me. They beat the lions, browns and a Niner team without their main offensive weapon!

IMO, the game would of been very diffrent with Gore. There where a few runs where Coffee made it into the secondary and instead of trying to break one, he put his head down and hit the defender. There is little doubt in my mind that Gore with his fantastic vision would of either taken one to the house or got us in scoring positon since he excels when he gets into the second and third level.

We deserve a lot more respect then we are getting...

Can anyone remember one person from the media mentioning the fact the Vikings almost got beat without Frank Gore. How is that not news worthy?
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this is from don banks power rankings

San Francisco 49ers (2-1)
I covered a 49ers game last week for the first time since 2003 -- didn't really miss much, did I? -- and I came away impressed. They're a better team than most people know, with Shaun Hill leading an 80-yard go-ahead touchdown drive in the fourth quarter, Vernon Davis finally playing like the beast he looked like at the Scouting Combine, and the 49ers defense showing toughness and tenacity. In the end, they just got Favred, that's all. It happens. But the 49ers aren't frauds. They're real.

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hits it right in the nail in the end...
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