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Power rankings

Not bad @ 13.
The best ranking I have seen in a very long time.
Originally posted by 49ersking:

Not bad @ 13.

i agree with most of his rankings
Nice good to see us in the top 15 in rankings. Our D is ranked 7th over all and 3rd vs the run, Loving what i'm seeing from the Niners so far this season.
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I like this ranking.
Raiders @ 25, wow! lol
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go see , one has us at 7, and the others have us at 12 at the least.
By the way, How can a 0-2 team be ranked 12th best?
Originally posted by MadMartz:
By the way, How can a 0-2 team be ranked 12th best?

cuase nfl power ranking are dumb
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13 (18) 49ers 2-0-0 The 49ers want to run the ball and they are, but don't overlook Shaun Hill. He's 9-3 as the 49ers' starter. (Sando)

Pushing top 10 this early :)

Silver has us @ 11
saints are tearing s**t up!
We're 7th on Jason La Canfora's.
Respect game Sunday.

W = Top 8

L = back to 20 or below
The 49ers' young defense is flying around like they have 11 Mike Singletarys running around-

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