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Will Crabtree Ever Play A Down As A Niner?

Will Crabtree Ever Play A Down As A Niner?

nope its over. The min the 49ers filed the tamp charge and Parker never got back to Jed on a face to face meeting it was OVER. This is one huge mess for the NFL and its Draft system. If I were the 49ers I would sue the NFL and the Draft system. The key to the NFL is the draft system and the order and pay scale of the draft. By two other teams tampering with a 1st round pick, it can really mess things up for years to come. Take the College Draft away from the NFL and you open up a lot of problems for the NFL. THIS IS THE NFL'S SACRED COW!!

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Originally posted by WillistheWall:
Originally posted by BigDaddy:
I hate to be thread police, but this could have been posted in the 'All Crabtree" thread, where this has been said and resaid a thousand times.

no because this is a poll.

for the record i voted no, i hope he signs but it looks like the outlook is not so good.

And it will turn into the same discussion.
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