Originally posted by TexasNiner:
HOLY SH!T!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

In the worst case of "I told you so" in the history of my life, this proves to kill us.

By 2 seconds and an unbelievable play. But that is what happens when your running game can't waste at least a few downs and seconds by killing the clock when it's a close game.

Not every team is an NFC West patsy. If we can't control the game when the game is on the line, what the h@ll is the point of having a "power running" team?

And even Frank and half the Oline being out isn't an excuse, we just needed to play smart enough to waste an extra few seconds and we win, but TWICE our O went 3 and out and that is what gave Favre the chance to beat us.

I also hate to say I told you so, but I just have to since so many blasted Texas and the rest of us for voicing these concerns, esp after Gore's 2 long runs. But. how many games will it take where all we've got to do is get some first downs to ice it and we can't? The first 2, we still managed to win, this one was a heart-breaker and I hope, a wake up call for the conservative twins. The loss of Gore (temporary, i hope) only underlines this point!