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Props to the Broadcasting crew!

Brian Billick:
49ers Player 1977
49ers as the assistant director of public relations for two years (1979–1980)

He told the story on air about the 25,000 from Eddie D for him and his wife to buy a house. He said that was 2 years salary in advance and said pay it back when you can. He wanted him and his wife to get into a house.

He said we a few times when referring to the 9ers but also talked that way when referring to the seahawks. Some commentators will say now what we want to do is play action or do this or that. I have no problem against it. He was making good observations and comments. He figured out adjustments both teams should be making that their/our coaches might not have picked up on.
Originally posted by MichaelTrabtree:
The story about Debartolo giving him the$25,000 for the down payment on his first house was a great story. Did anyone catch his internet show when Coach Singletary was on? It's a very well done show for internet exclusive content.

You can check it out here:


That was a fantastic anecdote and explains why players loved Eddie D. so much. It's good to know that Jed values his input. Hopefully another Eddie in the making.
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Maybe the Yorks can lend Crabtree a few million dollars and get him a brain transplant.
is Billick a full-time announcer? I can't remember him calling many other games even for other teams. I do recall that he's called the 49ers before though.

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