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A little love for.....

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He has looked good but I do think that he's got to show some more improvement.

He was the guy responsible for not picking up Jones on that TD. Haven't seen a sack yet either.


sacks are overrated. when he flushes the QB into another defender, lawson gets no statistic for it. or when he holds his point and forces the RB to the defense, he gets not stat for it. just a GOOD JOB in the fiolm room.

He's played well but what i want to see is him beat his man with a swift move and go straight to the QB. He's played well in other aspects but he still has to improve his passrush skills.


Exactly what I'm waiting to see. when are we gonna see him beat a guy in a one on one situation and make a play on the qb.

I think Lawson has improved a lot and I think he''l be even better next year. But 9fa is right, he was responsible for Jones.
I still love Manny.

That is all.
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Isnt the play where he tackled Seneca Wallace behind the LOS a sack? IIRC, it was a designed pass play?
Love for Manny Lawson?

No, I'm heterosexual, thank you very much.
When is his contract up? He is not a good pass rusher.
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