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Ray McDonald.

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RayMac does look Bigger and Stronger, and is playing great coming in on 3rd downs.
I didnt expect him to have an impact this year coming off surgery, what a nice surprise
It's about time he started contributing.

Lets hope he carries the momentum through.

I didn't have high expectations for the guy coming into this season. I though his previous injury would slow him down. He looking good so far.
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Finally has the knee fixed too -- that might have as much to do with the early season success as anything.

Looks like a player.

Time to bench Soap and start Mcdonald opposite Smith.

If you have been really watching the games ,Soap is playing well and isn't playing as much as Mac because we are forcing teams to throw more often which generally benches Soap automatically. Mac comes in when we force teams to throw because we are stuffing the running game. By usually playing Soap on running downs Mac stays fresh to rush the QB so that we have a pass rush for once in about 8 years. The coaches are using our personel correctly which some of you just don't seem to understand. Soap was actually in the game late today on passing downs and not playing his normal position probably because our pass rush guys were getting tired in the heat. You don't win in this league playing only the same 11 guys every down.

I saw soap carried by a rb for 3-4 yards today before he figured out he was bigger...

Soap is a one down player...for 25+ million that makes him a waste. Time to continue developing someone else and naming a new starter...IE McDonald

So did you choose to ignore the play where he stuffed his man back into the backfield forcing the running back deep so that Lewis could make the tackle for a big loss. In the past, I too thought Soap was a waste of space but who do you replace him with? Balmer isn't quite ready and we would be wasting Mac by playing him on first downs. When did Soap start making 25 million a year? Everybody's salary is ridiculous these days. I would love for him to be Richard Seymore but he isn't,so until Balmer is ready to take his place he serves a purpose on the team. This is a "Team" and all 53 serve a purpose until someone better comes along. Look how the rookie cost us a touchdown by making a block in the back. Do you replace Coffee because he had a stupid play that cost us points? In that case we wouldn't have anybody playing QB these days.
Look how well our defense is playing against two very good offenses. Why would you mess with success? Obviously the coaches must see what I'm seeing or why is Soap playing at all. He is a big body that is helping wear down the other teams offensive line. Not glamourous but evidently very effective so far. If Mac had to play every down he most likely wouldn't be as effective as he has been so far and I for one am very happy that we finally have a pass rush. We all know that Soap can't rush the passer.

i agree, i dont mind having soap being the run stopper for the base defense and mac rushing the passer in passing situations
He does look bigger. I hope he holds up. His biggest problem has always been staying healthy.
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