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Eddie D Ceremony 9/19 on CSNBA 8-10 PM PST





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I hope our guys come out fired up for Eddie D.
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"It means so much to be able to stand out there for a minute before the fans" at Candlestick. "They were so much more than the 12th man, believe me."

I can't wait to chant "EDDIE! EDDIE! EDDIE!" this Sunday.

Same here! WOOT!

do it once for me too!

I just watched the inaugural introduction of Eddie DeBartolo into the SF 49ERS Hall of Fame on CSN. We were so lucky to have such an amazing owner here in SF, he is truly a legend, a winner, and a stand up human being (Minus some non-football related incidents ). Eddie will always be a legend here in the Bay Area, and seems to be doing what he can to help Jed bring this team back to greatness. He took a few moments out of his speech to let everyone know that he feels like the Niners are turning things around this year, and believes the team is bringing back that feeling they had in the early 80's. I hope everyone gets a chance to watch it because it brings back some great memories of Niners past, and makes you so excited for what we have to come! Thank-You Eddie D for all the great years, and GO NINERS!!
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