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Picking the 49ers !

Originally posted by cNiner:
Originally posted by 9erfanAUS:
But those are the same guys who picked AZ to win the last game....


cuz we were on the road and going to the NFC Chumps home to play !

And cuz no one had actually seen any of the teams play a real game yet.
Actually we are favored to win by 1-2pts, so not that big of a suprise:

Vegas Odds
Las Vegas Hilton -110 -1.5
Mirage -110-1.5
Hard Rock -110-1.5
Planet Hollywood -1 100

Offshore Odds
betED -120 -1.5
Pinnacle -117 -1
Logans -110 -1.5
5Dimes 0 -130
Bodog -110 -1.5
Legends -110 -2
Bet Phoenix -110 -1.5
BetJamaica -110 -1.5
BetUS -110 -1.5
SportsInteraction -110 -1
SportsBook -110 -1.5
WSEX -110 -1.5
Belmont -110 -1.5
BookMaker -110 -1.5
Brobury -110 -1.5
Diamond -110 -1.5 -110-1.5
Niners by 10
Originally posted by 49wyztoscore:
I would rather no one talk about us so we fly under the radar.

We've been under the radar for 10 years. lol it's nice to have someone talk about the niners without laughing at the idea of us winning a game.
That sucks. I like being the under dogs, we are not good enough to be favorites yet.
They're never right.
If we were playing in Seattle it would be the opposite. In the eyes of most pundits SF and Seattle are probably considered the same team. With Seattle having the edge in offense and SF the edge in defense. So they either go with who's home game it is or whether that pundit favors offense or defense more. I do like how all the ex-lineman are picking SF, that means they are favoring us to win the trench wars
Jim mora's run defense is atrocious. I predict that we run for over 150 yards on them.
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Washington Post has us as 3 point underdogs. Weak

7 of 10 picking the 9ers to win this Sunday; I can't remember that happening for a long, long time.
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Originally posted by ApatheticIAm:
Originally posted by a24hrdad:
Too bad, I kind of prefer being the under dog

Yea now that we're overdogs that gives Seattle more inspiration to beat us

Overdog? lol i guess but i'm glad people are realizing our talent we just gotta do 2 things this season, keep winning games and keep making crabtree look dumb until he signs or gets traded...........
Our run game has to better, how could it be worse. I really expect our O to look a whole lot better. The Niners will win this game and when was the last time our Niners started the year 2-0. I think the experts really like singletary and how we played in week one, with a nasty hard hitting D.
Originally posted by 49wyztoscore:
I would rather no one talk about us so we fly under the radar.

Same here
Originally posted by D_Niner:
Originally posted by RonMexico:

WTF Most folks are picking us...

NNNNNnnnnnnnnoooooooooooooooo! Go away and pick the seadoves. We are not the rams, but neither is the Seadoves the cards, I think they have a better balanced offense than the cards. 24-20 niners, if we lose it'll be 20-17. I know I know-don't you dare say the L word!
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