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Last week against AZ, the Niners had all there four defensive linemen stand up instead of getting into a three point stands. At the snap, the linemen picked a route and went balls out for Warner. The announcers didn't comment on it. I was wondering if someone could give me some back up info about this defense? Thanks.

From the QB's perspective, if the D-Linemen are in a three point stance, they are coming after him. The guys standing up are not guaranteed to come after the QB. So it's just something else to throw off the QB on obvious passing downs. He can't pre-calculate zone coverage for instance.

The 49ers had a lot of defenders playing shallow zones clogging up the middle of the field (I was at the game seeing this first hand). The new OC for AZ didn't really have much of an answer for that defensive alignment. This is all just my own personal opinion, but when they lined up that way, it was to confuse Warner so that he would think less inside rush and more middle zone. I'd have to go back and watch the game (yes, it's on Tivo for later enjoyment) to see what they were doing in the secondary to validate that.

Of course, all that is my opinion. I'm really just a hack. :O

The new offensive coordinator for the Arizona Cardinals? You must mean the current Head Coach of the Arizona Cardinals, because they don't have an Offensive Coordinator.