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Signing Draft Picks....

Although this thread is Crabtree related, it's not about him....

There should be new RULES for Draft Picks... Hold Outs should not be Allowed...

Personal Thoughts:

When a player Declares Eligible for the Draft, there should be a Document/Claus
that states that when and if a Player is Drafted, thats IT... Period... You take what
is given to you... An Opportunity, a CHANCE to prove your WORTH...

None of this Eli Manning Crap... They can Draft me, but I'm not Playing for them...
Makes me want to PUKE... This Better than the NFL mentality.... You are where
you're drafted... Brings me back to Rookie Salary Caps... Earn your Position, and
the Second Contract is what you're playing for... Eli could've been the Savior of
San Diego, could've turned the entire Franchise around single handedly, but NO, he
Crapped on every player that ever played the GAME...


Signing Endorsements before Signing your Contracts shouldn't be Allowed until
you've actually signed on the Dotted Line... Ala Crabtree... Doesn't need the
money, because he's already making Money... Aren't these Endorsements based
on him being a Niner???? How can he be a Product if he's not even on the Field
to diplay his Talent???? What position can the Endorsee's entertain???? Can they
force his Hands?????


Can a NFL Team go after a Draft Pick for Damages????????

Teams set parameters on what Draft Picks they have, whether they trade out,
trade up, or stay put... WE ARE OUT A DRAFT PICK... TICKET SALES... True
Damages that are Monetary.... People were actually Excited to see this kid
play, and now he's not here.... Could or should we attempt to go after or any
other team go after a Draft Pick that Holds out through the Season or Regular
Season Games????? I know it is mentioned that we are prepared to change
the language in the contract, and are willing to add a year and deduct 200k per
game until he is signed, but shouldn't we set a new standard by going after the
$$$$$$$$$'s that he's making based on him being a Niner... Hurt Him where
he's hurting us.... In the WALLET...

Ok, thats my Rant....

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