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Keeping Greg Manusky, how do we do it?

Originally posted by 9erfanAUS:
Lets not get too ahead of ourselves here...


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I'm not bringing this up because of one game.....

I'm bringing it up because he started to turn this defense around in the second half of last season. As others mentioned after Nolan left.
gonna be a bunch of coaches next year

shanny, cowher,

other random coordinators as well
I doubt this will happen. If it does happen will get either Wade Phillips or Romeo Crennel.
omg calm down. if we lose next week, will you say "OMG our staff needs to be fired!!!!!" one week at a time. jeeze.
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misleading thread title.
But what Manusky has down w/ no pass rusher & not too much talent on D will be recognized.

Not saying he will be gone next year but he will be a HC at sometime or in the running to be one.
IF we win the superbowl this season, I will revisit this thread.
Wow people really jump the gun!!

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Originally posted by 9erfanAUS:
Lets not get too ahead of ourselves here...


Agreed. Considering I thought he was mightily lucky to keep his job in the first place I will wait for consistent improvement in all facets of our defence before I praise the man.
after one game and this thread???
Originally posted by Juniorminime:
after one game and this thread???

Its Niner Talk.

If we win next week, then you will have fans saying, "Do you think Jimmy Raye will be up for a head coaching job next year?"
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With Norv Turner and Mike McCarthy on close watch for their jobs, it may deter some people from vetting Manusky.

But there will be a lot of potential positions open such as the Bengals, Panthers, Redskins, Texans, and Cowboys (most likely go to Jason Garrett though).
Originally posted by GORO:
I thought the same thing, if the Niner defense leads us to the playoffs his name will be mentioned for the openings in Dallas, Washington, Buffalo and a few others

Buffalo maybe. Dallas or Washington, come on. Jerry Jones is going to get some marquee coach, and same for Snyder.
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