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Niners VS Cardinals pictures

the quality of those pics are amazing.

if only i had a 10,000 dollar HD camera.

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Those are some fantastic pics...thanks for sharing. Well, I think the pics speak a thousand words...about the toughness and character of our team. Even though 'Zona bottled up our running game, we still found a way to win. That's huge. There's some work ahead to adjust to the blitzes they used...because you know every team on our schedule will try to duplicate what the Cards did. I think it's important that we stick with it, though...because had they not kept pounding away at them, we probably don't execute that 15-play drive to win the game. How cool to see Justin, Haralson, McDonald, and yes, Manny puttin' pressure on Warner.
Nice pics
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Originally posted by jrg:

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Originally posted by nflguy49:
NFL Sunday Ticket: $59

Nachos and beer for the game: $25

Watching Warner get sacked to end the game: priceless

Lol that was almost as good as when we sacked him in the endzone a few years back. When he fumbled giving us a game ending touchdown.
Originally posted by Dino:

Is it me or does this guy (No. 85) bear a strong resemblance to Jeff Garcia?
Originally posted by HailJerry:
Originally posted by Dino:

Is it me or does this guy (No. 85) bear a strong resemblance to Jeff Garcia?

yea I can see it, I mean they both wore shoulder pads and a helmet. They are TWINS!!
Originally posted by loganizer49:
I was at the game and it was well worth the 1000 mile 14 hour drive from Oklahoma to see Smith slam Warner on the final play.

Wow, and I thought I was baller for flying in from Sac.

What a scene!
Originally posted by TlSSER:
Originally posted by Afrikan:

Hill: "Good Game Kurt"
Warner: "F" Off


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Here's a small sample of the pictures I took:

I have over 300 pictures from the game, here's the link:

nice pictures amp49er, at the end of the game when you are walking out of the stadium and the 49ers win (away games) and you are high fiving all the 49ers fans you find on your way, one of the most wonderful feeling in the world....
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