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Opening Coin Toss, whats your pick?

Call timeout to think it over...
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Tails never fails!
Originally posted by OnTheClock:
We're getting really.. really bored here on the Zone, I can tell.

Let's start another Crabtree thread!
we lose either way .. so whats the point?
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It will be whatever Patrick Willis decides it will be.
Tails. We defer & defense comes out strong to make a 3 & out series.
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I always like it when we defend not defer so we can begin the 2nd half with the ball.

But someday that coin is going to end up on its edge.
give me head
We win the coin toss, elect to receive then drive the length of the field for the game's first TD.

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Originally posted by verb1der:
I'll choose to kick...that's what I do in Madden.

Me too! lol.
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