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POLL: 2009 Season Most Likely Event to occur

POLL: 2009 Season Most Likely Event to occur

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opposing qb's will have from september to december to throw the ball.

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Shaun Hill to lead us past December......
Originally posted by valrod33:
Originally posted by Daniel2778:
Originally posted by valrod33:
where is this thread gets locked

Whats up with people being thread lock nazi's here?

Daniel dont test me today. im tired of you harassing me because im mexican, im not gonna take it anymore

POLLS? We don need no steenkin' POLLS!

Ricky Jean Francois sits on Kurt Warner's face and rips a huge one.
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Originally posted by susweel:
Opposing QBs have an hour and half to throw each pass play

I voted that also, I sure hope we are wrong.
Originally posted by zozell:


Answer: What!

Niners make the playoffs.
Originally posted by Axl49:
QB will have ALL DAY to throw the ball.

There were many I thought about picking but I settled on this as being the most likely.
Niners make the playoffs and it all starts Sept 13 2009
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