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What's your Crabtree stance?

What's your Crabtree stance?

3 point.
Why pay him what he wants, that's jus stupid,

he's not even worth it, a guy coming off injury, and wants way to much money.

didn't even have a combine, douche couldn't even run a 40

i say let the douche walk.

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What are you doing? Enough with him and his threads
I'm a little torn. I say sign the guy because a receiver with his type of talent doesn't come along often. I say let him walk because of his greed and he clearly doesn't have the kind of passion that a lot of teams look for in a football player. Terrell Owens was a distraction and a "cancer" but the guy has passion for the game and plays his heart out on the field. I'm not so sure about Crabs.
There is a whole thread dedicated to everyone's stance on Crabtree, there is no need for a poll
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