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Crab-Free Home Game Bashing

Is anyone planing on making any cool signs for our home games saying that we dont need crab tree, or that is greedy, etc.... If so lets us know what you planing on saying on your signs.

How bout " Glad Niners Are Crab-Free (with an X through a pic of his face)

Mods dont delete this will be fun, and hopefully if enough people do this at games, maybe Crabtree will see that his losing some of the greatest football fans in the San Francisco 49ers.

Still prolly gonna be locked in mins lol, mods let this thread roll and see how it goes.
Just kidding!
do it
Or a sign that has a dog taking a crap at the base of tree.... with the sing saying saying "No to crap-tree" lol i dunno.... give some ideas people
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