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Trade Alex Smith

Hill can start, Huard as the veteran backup, and Nate Davis as the 3rd QB. Is there any trade value for Smith? Martz said last week that Alex should move on. Perhaps someone is willing to give up an offensive lineman or a 4th round draft pick for Alex.
Lets take it and RUN!!!!! A 4th next year...SURE!!!
For what.

Smith is signed for a two year deal. If he doesn't pan out, he's getting cut this offseason.

If there is a team out there that want's Smith, why make a trade when you can get him as a free agent in March.

Why do you think the Blue Jays couldn't trade Roy Halladay (one of the best pitchers in the game), its for the same reason. He's going to be a free agent after next season. Why give up a ton of money, players or picks when you can sign him as a free agent.

Smith has little to no trade value as a result.
Hill sucked donkey butt
If he would looked good, then you have an argument
But after the pewtrid performance this whole preseason,
We need insurance in place and Huard Sucks too
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Sorry but this thread has disaster written all over it.
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