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Who will start at R CB, Spencer?

Originally posted by Joecool:
It wouldn't be right to take it away from Bly. He has been working hard and he's and established vet. Let him mess up before it goes to Brown.

co signed, and this is coming from a fan of tbrown as well.

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Originally posted by jimbagg:
Here's something to consider. It has been reported by Maiocco and Barrows that all of the following players were injured in Singletary's nutcracker drill: Willis (Achilles and ankle), Baas (foot), and Brown (toe). Perhaps, there was also a 4th or 5th player.

All 3 of these playters have missed multiple weeks of training campo as a result of this drill. Something tellls me that Singletary's command of the team might be compromised a bit, if a player lost his starting job, as a result of participating in this particular drill, which does not correspond to an actual football situation, where the goal of the defender is to shed a block.

No one is going to take Willis' starting job, so long as he is 90% or so healthy. There has been surprisingly little follow-up by the media about Baas, with everyone simply assuming that Baas will re-claim his starting LG job from Wragge, as soon as he is healthy. But Baas is STILL not healthy. Brown was right there competing with Harris for the starting RCB job, when the nutcracker took him down.

So, could it be that Manusky is obliged to keep Brown in the starting RCB discussion until his actual play (which has been much delayed) determines things? Otherwise, it's not hard to imagine grumbling about guys "losing their job to the nutcracker".

I sense that the nutcracker was a serious detriment to training camp. We can now identify about 11-12 man-weeks lost from training, attributable to that specific drill(Willis=3, Baas=4 or more, Brown=4).

I am one fan who never wants to hear about the nutcracker drill again. Can we please run football drills for football players?

I see your point. I'm still on the fence with it. I do know this, I have seen the team tackling pretty well this preseason. From the starters down to the reserves. So I can't rule against it. But I do agree no one should lose their job because of it.
anybody else getting frustrated with Clements???? I think Spencer and Bly have outplayed him.
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