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Official Glen Coffee Nickname Thread (not gore and coffe)

Originally posted by GoldenIowa49er:
Originally posted by bigmike55:
IMO, nicknames are stupid. His name is Glen Coffee. The end.

Great players don't have nicknames... for example, Joe "MoJoe" Montana, Jerry "Rice Burner" Rice, Patrick "The Wall" Willis, Tom "Model Banger" Brady, Peyton "I Beat Off To Game Tape" Manning, Ray "Being Loud At All Times Is Leadership" Lewis, etc.

These players are known by their actual names, not some silly nickname.


lol thanks. I like the model banger one the best!
Glen "S'more" Coffee
Originally posted by zozell:
LOL my first ever resurrected thread! I thought my account got hacked or somethin! I was like wtf? I don't remember making this thread... then I looked at the date and realized... this was from LAST offseason lol but right on for bringin it back...

You're welcome.
If we're going to give Coffee a nickname, then what is David Carr's nickname? Or Barry Sims?
How about "Third Stringer"?
Juan Valdez
i like ' shut up'
Tea Bag
How about 49erKoolaid?
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Originally posted by Young2Rice:
Tea Bag

Java Runtime
Originally posted by CowboyHunter:
Java Runtime


I feel like a geek for understanding this....
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The Bean of Death
Little Latte
G.C. the O.R.B.

Koopa jr and Dixon's gonna be King Koopa
Glen "Instant" Coffee
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