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Our QB;s and why isnt anyone talking about D huard?

people are talking about every other QB but the numbers dont lie ...hey i know its preseason...But if the zone is gonna have a chat for the rookie nate davis then why not the most experienced guy??

Alex Smith 16 8 63 50.0 3.9 1 6.3 1 6.3 15 1 7 54.9
Nate Davis 11 6 67 54.5 6.1 1 9.1 0 0.0 27 0 0 103.2
Damon Huard 9 7 98 77.8 10.9 1 11.1 0 0.0 40 1 8 149.1
Shaun Hill 9 5 61 55.6 6.8 0 0.0 0 0.0 23 3 18 76.6

huard 7-9 for 98 yards a td no ints and rating of 149! also has the longest with a 40yarder...thats pretty damn good!

Someone posted the other day a very honest post about our qb's And how the only compatition alex has gotten is 3rd stringers...and i couldnt agree more@! We havent even brought in a promising 2nd string to compete! So finaly we bring in a decent vet 2nd stringer and then we dont even give him a fair chance??? Huard is not a Pro bowler but a avg qb that is a good game manager his lifetime numbers are way better than both smith and hill.
If eddie was running our team 1rd draft picks feelings or not he would have brought in a garcia a leftwich or another vet qb to compete with these avg Qb's. The team and GM has to be able to admit mistakes and do whats best for the team and give us the best product that can win the most games even if its at the expense of some embaressment !
Start HIM!
Super Bowl!!!

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still like my

WildWishBoneThugs lineup

MRob at QB Norris Coffee and Gore lined up in the backfield

Simple...because he sucks.
people ARE talking about Damon Huard, and they should stop.
our team has 4 good backup QB's.
Originally posted by BIGDOGG42:
Simple...because he sucks.

what about his numbers suck in his entire career? avg yes sucks see alex smith stats
1) Hill
2) Huard
3) Davis

Waived Smith!
Unless Smith makes less than Huard then....... By By Huard
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Originally posted by SybErkRimInAL:
our team has 4 good backup QB's.

see WWBT set above don't need any of them


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Originally posted by TheSixthRing:

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Originally posted by syoung8:
Originally posted by BIGDOGG42:
Simple...because he sucks.

what about his numbers suck in his entire career? avg yes sucks see alex smith stats

Huard is what he is...a back-up QB. Overall, Huard's career numbers are better than Smith's but Huard is also on the downside of his career at this point. If Smith is healthy and back to where he was at the time he got hurt in Game 4 of the 2007 season, Smith is the better QB. Remember, at that point, notwithstanding the changing OC's and being surrounded with less talent than the 49ers have now, Smith was 11-10 over his prior 21 starts heading into that Seattle game. Anything after that prior to this pre-season has to be viewed as Smith playing injured.

Beyond, Smith, Huard's recent numbers (i.e. the last 2 seasons) are not better than Hill's recent numbers, so by your logic, Hill should get the nod over Huard anyway.

The truth is the 49ers probably have 4 back-ups with perhaps Hill, Smith and Huard being borderline starters and Davis being a developmental project. We are likely to see at least both Hill and Smith play extensively this season. In all likelihood, a true franchise QB will be the 49ers #1 need going into the next off-season and draft, which will lead to interesting discussions here given the 2 No. 1 picks the 49ers have for the 2010 draft.
I saw Hard Knocks and really got to know this guy last season. He is not so great. He is up in the age dept and cant move around as well. He has trouble staying in the pocket and doesnt check down well. The only value he brings is veteran experience IMO.
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