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This was probably the most complete game the niners played all year.

the rams game was possibly better

the offense was invisible the 1st half

Jags are a better team right now than the rams IMO. I should say this was the most fun game to watch. They made plays when they needed to. Crabs looks like he is going to break one soon and Alex was playing well. They are fun to watch when the offense moves the ball.
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The play at 1:30 is a very good play by both the QB and the RB...just awesome.
Great team win today!
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Originally posted by TheChozen:
Great team win today!

Yes. No long game breakdown...I'm proud of ya now get another one.
I'm glad we won, but I had no idea we had beaten a playoff contender. We basically held the Jaguars to 3 points when they were on a 3 game-winning streak. Perhaps I shouldn't give them too much credit, since the Seahawks beat them 41-0. Still, they have the 5th best record in the AFC. So let's savor this victory, we didn't just beat a pushover today. We held one of the league's best rushers, Maurice Jones Drew to 75 yards.
Nice game to watch while hanging Christmas lights outside my friend

The decision to put a flat screen TV in the garage really paid off yesterday.

It was a nice gift.
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