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Originally posted by King49er:
Originally posted by SuperMario:
Seachikens don't know the hurt that's coming to them

Where's Luigi?

He's celebrating the victory

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49ers have a chance to be 2-0

and 2-0 in the division.

We were in that position two years ago, until some fat f**k drove alex smith into the ground.

Week 3 we play the vikings. I hope hill and company dont get hurt.

Go 49ers
utilize more of those quick throws. PLEASE try to throw a screen against the blitz!! come on...

if our defense plays as well as they did today Hasselbeck will have problems getting into a groove, and that is what will be a key to victory.

and we need to establish a running identity... sweep? offtackle? toss? come ON mix it up a little
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Originally posted by fister30:
I would like to see Shaun Hill get into a rhythm throwing the ball against the sea chickens. I hope there is not a let down from the defense. Matt H is still a decent QB.

I agree but he did make some bad decisions in the beginning of the game, lucky for him his defense got his back.
I'm not sold on the s**thawks one bit, they did what 90% of the NFL can do to the St. Lous Rams in four given quarters (with the added bonus of playing at that cesspool, Quest Field).

We rattled a SB offense yesterday at their own house, capping interceptions. -Next week we face a has-been QB with a bad back, surrounded by an offensive line full of inexperienced players/worn down vets, and 2nd grade offensive threats.

Jim Mora Jr. is a hack, and the moment that team goes up s**t creek all of his "hey guys, we can do it, I'll buy you ice cream if we win" crap won't cut it. -Holmgren's anal-retentive sarcasm/critique was the only thing holding that team together, those b*****ds will eat him alive once they stack up an incendiary amount of losses (just as the Falcons did).
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We need to beat Seattle because we play Minnesota after them. I think we will. Can't wait for the home opener.
This coming game will be interesting. I think the niners can get a decent rush on Hassleback and I really doubt if his back will take the pounding Warner took. I do not think the Seahawks OL is anywhere near what it used to be and if the DBs are as strong as they appear for us Hassleback will get pounded pretty bad. He has looked pretty stiff to me and just one wrong wrench and he could be gone. I think Hassleback is making a mistake to keep playing. Frankly, they are on a downslide and they will need years to climb back up even with two first rounders. They need to upgrade too many spots. Finding a top qb might take ten years if they do not choose well. The niners are in much better shape as I think they have a qb who is a real qb, unlike Seneca Wallace who is a version of Arnaz Battle. I think the Seahawks dbs may be in real hot water against teams like Arizona. Truffant is out and none of the others would make the niners. Hassleback is carrying the team and I think he is going to crumble. I think the Seahawk defense may be hurting too with Tatupu hurt. It will be interesting to see how Gore and company deal with the Seahawks. He ripped them pretty bad in his time.
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Two of the Seahawks starting LB's got hurt, Even if Hill starts next weak he will probably be hampered by the groin injury, and Tatupu could be slowed with a hammy injury, this may bode well for our running game
Originally posted by King49er:
Originally posted by SonocoNinerFan:
Niners open up as 1.5 point favorites

I hope we win by 30

doubt it with our conservative playcalling, not mike martz anymore lol.

meanwhile the seahags fans predicting they take both games from us this year HAHAHA
Here is the most recent injury report for them going against the Rams.

Deion Branch WR Questionable Sep 11 hamstring Likely will not play

Seahawks declared WR Deion Branch, CB Travis Fisher, C Chris Spencer, T Walter Jones, DT Red Bryant, DT Michael Bennett, and DE Derek Walker inactive for Sunday's game against St. Louis. Rookie Mike Teel is the third quarterback. Rookie Deon Butler will be the No. 3 receiver behind T.J. Houshmandzadeh and Nate Burleson.

Travis Fisher DB Doubtful Sep 11 hamstring

Derek Walker DL Doubtful Sep 11 hamstring

C.J. Wallace DB Questionable Sep 11 rib

Marcus Trufant DB PUP Sep 10 back Return Week 7

Seahawks placed CB Marcus Trufant (back) on reserve/PUP. He won't be back until Week 7. Seattle's secondary is in perhaps the worst shape of any team in the league, with Saturday acquisition Lawyer Milloy likely to start at strong safety and Josh Wilson and declining veteran Ken Lucas on the corners. Marc Bulger and the St. Louis offense get the first crack.

Chris Spencer C Out Sep 10 thigh Return Week 3?

Seahawks C Chris Spencer (torn quadriceps) is expected to be sidelined for at least 4-6 weeks. "He won't be back soon," coach Jim Mora acknowledged. "It's going to be into the season." Smallish 2007 seventh-round pick Steve Vallos will start Seattle's third exhibition. Rookie Max Unger still hasn't cracked the lineup.

Walter Jones T Out Sep 10 knee surgery Out indefinitely

Seahawks coach Jim Mora would not rule out LT Walter Jones (knee, back) and C Chris Spencer (quadriceps) for Week 2. Mora seems to be wishing more than expecting. We'd be surprised if either one made it back that quick, which is bad news for the Seahawks because their offensive line is in shambles. Getting Jones and Spencer back would take their line from terrible to above average, assuming Jones has anything left.

This is the game where the Niners will let the sports world know, the West is ours for the taking.

I'm on the 2-0 wagon!
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Originally posted by SonocoNinerFan:
Originally posted by King49er:
Originally posted by SonocoNinerFan:
Niners open up as 1.5 point favorites

I hope we win by 30

Hasselback didn't get sacked today. We need to do to him what we did to Warner . . . . and get the offense going.

I think he will be pressured. Their o-line is going to have much more trouble this week. They had it pretty easy against the Rams.
If we are gonna go 2-0, we need to put the same type of pressure on Hasselback as we did on Warner, and just rush his throws and force him hopefully into some turnovers

The running game has to do better as well, i understand we are not gonna rush for 200 yards a game but less than 50 is not good

If our defense played like it did yesterday, we are gonna have a chance to win some games, its up to the offense to be consistent and capitalize on the turnovers and stops our defense gives us
Originally posted by PRIMETIME21:
seahags talking crap already

saying their defense more physical than ours. Easy to talk big when you beat up on an expansion team like the rams have right now.

Let them talk big, we'll do the same. They're playing in our house and our D showed up big time vs. a pass-happy ARZ offense. I think we have better than 50/50 chance of defeating the Seahawks as long as we get some blocking for our run game.
hill will be out too. Can't hurt, he's a baller.

LeRoy Hill-LB-Seahawks Sep. 14 - 5:45 pm et

Seahawks WLB LeRoy Hill (groin) will be out for the next "couple weeks."
A groin tear would probably cost Hill the rest of September, but we don't know his injury's extent. Newly re-signed D.D. Lewis will probably start at weak-side linebacker until Hill's return. It's not a crushing loss.

from rotoworld
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