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Good sack/strip. Don't think he'll make the 53, but he's on the PS instead of Jay Moore.
Briggs is a solid player, I think he has potential to help this team (next year and maybe even this year)
seriously, is that allowed?

leave the quarterback alone!
i think we found manny lawsons replacement.
Originally posted by Afrikan:
Finally, Briggs gets to the QB

That little dip had to work eventually
That was LEGIT

He didn't even go for the sack

Nice ass play
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Originally posted by fister30:
Some of these bubble guys look like they quit.

Exactlly what I was thinking!
how long has it been since we seen a sack like that...

Too bad our 1st team couldn't do that.

Briggs is looking like a beast!!

Hes got good size but needs to gain some weight
Briggs is a guy I had on the practice squad last week, and he looks like it will be an easy decision to make. Kid has some good potential.
Sack, I am sure right now hell is freezing over right now and the devil is pissed that there was no flag to make it all go away.
Briggs has 100% of our sacks in the preseason. Impressive.
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Originally posted by TonyStarks:
That was LEGIT

He didn't even go for the sack

Nice ass play

Yes. Pro caliber.
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