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that chick was hot.

yeah she was

The two with the banner? You guys must be drunker than I am.

no the one they showed after them
Originally posted by MaliCali:
what just happened?

we just tackled the quarterback is that allowed?

no, any tackle of the opposing QB requires a flag to be thrown and a penalty issued.
We should cut the starting defense and start all the backups in the regular season. The starting defense has been a joke this preseason. No pass rush at all and secondary (especially "lockdown 22") getting torched over and over. At least the backups come within the vicinity of the quarterback.
Staley is the man.
I have only actually seen about 25% of the game. My feed is horrible. Everytime they pan to show eric d and the other knucklehead its perfectly clear.
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Staley haha

joe staley flirting with kim coyle
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Staley singing Enrique Iglesias haha
Originally posted by tmpluff:
What is this the NATIONAL PUS$Y league now?

no....that would be Mike Ditka's new league
Wow. Coyle really brings the heat.

lmao at Joe Staley

Give that guy an extension

1st team defense was total garbage.
Staley is goofy- good guy
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Originally posted by Thorhawk:
joe staley flirting with kim coyle

She would make a good defensive tackle ...
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