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Originally posted by backontop:
I'm not even watching the game but from the posts I am assuming Clements got burned for a TD. This guy is really starting to BLOW!!!

he wasn't looking, it was a nice grab by the WR, Volek just tossed it up on a MAJOR blitz
Originally posted by 49erWill:
its always good when the CB doesnt look for the ball...

if he turned around, i think he could have picked that..

The cardinals are going to have a lot of film, of nate getting burned to give to fitzgerald..

they are going to put up like 40 points in week one, if nate plays like this.
clements has done nothing to earn that big contract...
OMG not Clemens again...all that s***t talking to Fitzgeral is gonna backfire
Originally posted by King49er:
Originally posted by unst4bl3:
wow nate needs to be cut, he looked like trash worse than any other game this preseason.

btw we got pash rush kind of for once.

yeah....lets cut him....I swear these friggin noobs make me laugh...

He doesn't need cut but a benching for a half or a game might wake his burnt a$$ up
Dear God Nate Clements is GARBAGE.. No more excuses this guy is SUPREMELY overrated.
Originally posted by crzy:
lol at our passing defense. our starters getting wrecked by Billy Volek

This will be a long season

Could be, but dont forget what a good amount say, it's only preseason
We have no pass rush.
Nate is making our front office look silly for shelling out that kind of money for an average CB.
Nate is soooo starting to piss me off. Come on man! I know it's just preseason, but still.

wow, against billy volek too. yikes. they've played and continue to play like a sub .500 team. Wait, Im sorry, maybe that was their vanilla defense ha.
Clements better wake the f--- up because Fitzgerald and Boldin are next
who cares, it only matters starting next week
Their twos are beating our ones. That's a shame.
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