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Official Season Injury Thread

Baas is injured every season. Prior to last season he injured himslef in the Gym.
It seems that he just can't stay healthy. Not to the extend of Jonas Jennigs yet Baas, always gets injured.

I like him he's strong and can move the pile yet he HAS to find a way to stay healthy.
Originally posted by tohara3:
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OK, it's time that the Niners fess-up with the extent of Baas's injury. This O-line needs as many snaps as possible, as a single unit in the pre-season. Baas needs to be in there.

I'm going to suggest that the club may have been less than forthcoming, since Baas was injured in Singletary's pet drill, The Nutcracker. The nature of that drill calls for the player to scratch with his feet to generate extra traction.

Does anyone remember what type of injury ended Mark McGuire's baseball career? I'll make it easy. It was plantar fascitis, a foot ailment related to strain and tearing of a muscle sheath. Is this the nature of Baas' injury? If so, it is a very serious injury and one which could well generate a lot of criticism of Singletary's Nutcracker drill. Clearly, such criticism is something that the club would have an interest in smothering.

I'm making a call for more transparency on the nature of Baas' foot injury. This is the same medical staff that declared QB Smith fit for play with a separated shoulder, when that was clearly a mistake. Baas has not been re-signed beyond 2009. He is in his contract year. What's going on here?

I am of the belief that Baas is, FAR AND AWAY, the club's most formidable LG and his presence tuning OL chemistry with Staley and Heitmann is an important ingredient to team success.
Not sure about info on Baas, but Willis was also hurt in Nutcracker drill per Matt Barrows

They are not going to make their new coach look bad by reporting that two players, one a franchise player, was hurt in some ridiculous Pop Warner level drill. IMO, this was an orchestrated cover up. Sing should have owned up to these injuries as soon as they happened.
Glad to see our guys getting back on the field!
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