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Shuan Hill and Alex Smith splitting time in games....

Kinda like what Arizona did with Warner and Leinart a few years ago.

I was also watching a special on the 89 49ers and Bill Walsh was not affraid to yank Montana for a quarter or two or the rest of the game and put Steve Young in and this happened more than a few times during the 89 season. Now we know Mike Singletary is a big Bill Walsh fan and has studied what he did. Hey he was ready to pull Shuan Hill when he was struggling vs the Rams and im sure he would of if he had someone better than J.T O'Sullivan ready to come in.

I like Shuan Hill but he has limitations and I think he will hit a wall at some point as our playbook will be a little limited with what the offense can do and teams will start zeroing on what Hill can and can't do and his lack of arm strength, I wouldn't be suprised if you see Alex Smith play a a couple of series or a quarter or two early on in the season. I also think at some point during the season Alex Smith will take over as starter but at the same time you can't count Shuan Hill out as he just seems to always get the job done. Can he get it done for 16 games? We'll see....

Just my .02
yeah, lock
Your telling me there is no chance Alex Smith will come in for a series or two the first couple of weeks if/when Shuan Hill is starting and maybe not playing all that well?
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Ouch! Okay, I give up but you will hear from me if it happens.
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No need for another thread for this topic. Sorry dude.
Sorry, should have put in the other countless Alex Smith/Shuan Hill threads. My bad, don't ban me:)
Its super rare. And Arizona did it more when they had Tim Rattay.
i say

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It was the 88 season where Montana and Young split time, Walsh wasn't the coach in 89, Seifert was. Montana played that whole season and we went 14-2.

As for QBs splitting time, it won't work. It'll throw off the chemistry of the offense and just hurt the team more.
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