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Didnt like how Norris is supposed to be this awesome blocker-but constantly was discarded by Lewis, Scott, and Suggs.

C'mon man look who you just noted down, Lewis Scott and Suggs, those guys aren't exactly what you would call scrubbs.

Trent Dilfer was the QB. The Ravens defence played to stop the run the entire game. When you have an Ed Reed you could play almost everyone in the box and just have Reed in coverage.

I honestly think if Alex played that game, or if Dilfer had a little more experience before hand, we would have won it.

And i'm in no way a fan of Alex Smith

I agree. I remember Chris McCallister not playing that game, and I think Samari rolle wasn't either. Part of the problem was our ultra conservative gameplan on offense....

McAlister was playing, matter of fact I think Battle beat McAlister for that deep middle TD.

He beat the lower zone of Bart Scott too.