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Reggie Smith was a returner in college, Why not give him a look?

Cuz he's slow.
I'm sure the University of Oklahoma definitely had him at KR because he was slow

Wow seriously? That was college, and plus there are dudes who are slow who are kick returners in the NFL, I mean we had Maruice Hicks for a while he was kinda slow lets be honest. Gary Russell returned kicks for the Champions of the free world and he's slow. Slow people can return kicks too, it's just all about the side to side quickness if you ain't got the vertical jets.
'Cuz he's slow' was one of the worst replies I've ever seen on this board. He's a cornerback/safetey, so he's obviously not slow. The reason he didn't get any reps as a KR was because Rossum was signed specifically for that role and Walker backs him up. It's not rocket science.

And it's not Madden, either. Don't kid yourself.

What are you talkin bout? He's probably the slowest corner we have on our roster, especially wit Strickland gone, and Harris on IR. There are lots of slow corners in this league too, sadly now I think Walt Harris fits that description. Smith is obviously some what strong for a corner, he's just too slow and a lil small for safety, though with his lack of speed that's where he'll have to play. I haven't seen enough lateral quickness from Smith to put him at KR (ie a Jim Leonard or Wes Welker), though we could just throw him out there like we did a Maruice Hicks, or even going back to a Terrell Kirby (ughh), which plenty of teams do, in just throwing guys out there cuz they can't find a solid option to return kicks or punts. Hopefully we can find somebody worthy to succeed Rossum.
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