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Vernon Davis not a top 10 TE?

Vernon Davis doesn't make the top 10 on CBS Sports pre-season analysis.

I really hope Raye can get Vernon producing to his potential. This is an embarrassment.

He really should have made it on his blocking alone, but I think his attitude has turned a lot of people against him.
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If Vernon didn't pound his chest everytime he gained 3 yards, maybe he would be ranked a little higher. That and getting the ball stripped on a couple of occasions because he thinks he can take on a whole defense instead of going down and actually retaining possession.

he will be top 3 by the end of the year
This is the same guy who defended Al Davis taking Darrius Heyward-Bey at 7, so I guess we need to take this with a grain of salt.
Well he can't catch, can't run a route and gets kicked off the field because he is not a team player by Singletary. So no he is not a top 10 TE.
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Top-10 big mouth for sure, maybe only behind Shockey!
Jumpin' Jeehosavat! Not top ten?
I don't get this adulation of Davis. Other than being a superlative blocker, what has he shown to deserve being ranked in the top 10? Is it his precise route running? His glue-like hands? No wait, his staggering yards after catch? His modesty and team first attitude? His level temperament that never gets him or the team hurt? How he blows by people with that 4.3 track speed? Let's face it, this is a put up or shut up season for a guy who's never lived up to that number 6 pick. no matter whether you love him, hate him or are ambivalent, it's time for Vernon to show us what's up and end this seemingly endless debate.
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What in the hell would make anybody think Davis is a top ten TE?

His whopping two TD catches last year? His 30 something receptions?

Maybe it's because he's the highest paid third OT in the league?

Davis=Huge Disappointment until he proves he can do what we drafted him for. Davis was supposed to "revoolutionize" the TE position. He's been personally the biggest disappointment to me to date.
not even top 20 IMO. Unless you wanna judge him by his blocking ability.
another I hate you VD thread, can we add Smith to this as well so we can really beat a dead horse

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Blah Blah Vernon Davis this.
Blah Blah Vernon Davis that.

Can he catch the ball? Should he be blocking?

In the end... it boils down to money. This article is a bit dated but it will suffice. Take a gander at the pay these players make. Unfortunately it's sorted by "Cap Value" and I don't care enough to export into Excel and resort. Feel free if you wish, I'd love to see the results.

Offensive line Top 10 players: 9.4m - 6.8m
Wide Receivers Top 10 players: 12m - 6.6m
Tight Ends Top 10 players: 5.0m - 3.3m

Guess what, Vernon is the 10th highest paid TE at 3.3m.

Ranking him amongst WR's: He'd fall into slot #37 (Bruce made 3.5m 2008)
Ranking him amongst OL's: He'd fall into slot #78

Sure, it'd be great if he learned how to read defenses and run his route... and catch a ball thrown his way. But if all he turns out to be is a underpaid tackle who occasionally runs a route to distract a safety, I guess I'm pretty okay with that.

Top 10 TE? I think he's coming on the cheap as a tackle who can block like a maniac and occasionally spook defenses. I also don't think the 49ers have been taking advantage of his skills. So there is a lot of upside. But who really knows.
I didnt think this was news to anyone. hes the best blocking te in the league but that doesnt make him in the same class as gates, or clark, or gonzales, or witten, etc. if he can atleast get like 500 yds and 5 tds this year then maybe.
Originally posted by DANADA:
he will be top 3 by the end of the year
There are so many reasons why it would be wonderful for Davis to break out this season. Way down on the list is the fun it will be watching people eat crow but it's on the list. I think you people are spending far too much energy focusing on what he did under Martz and Hostler. It's a new year with a guy who's been hired at least in part for what he can accomplish with tight ends.
top 10 fo sho
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