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The "If's"

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If Manny Lawson turns into the sack guy they think he can be...
If Josh Morgan turns into the receiver he seems like he could be...
If Shaun Hill can make good throws in the 40-50 yard range...
If whoever is playing NT can hold ground against two or three blockers...
If Crabtree is the playmaker they think he is...
If Haralson continues to get sacks...

Every year there are many "ifs". That's part of what makes it exciting.

I'll take half of these and we got ourselves a heck of a team!!

I will take an NFL QB in any of the last 5 years and we make the playoffs long ago. The entire team MUST play well to compensate for crap QB play, but an entire team can make the playoffs with solid QB play.

I can't really think of any examples of a bad team with a good QB having success. American football is the ultimate team sport. Yes, the QB is the most important position, but there are lots of examples of great QB's with no support going nowhere. Archie Manning comes to mind. Even Dan Marino - he's really one of the greatest QB's to ever play the game but as we all know, he couldn't get the Dolphins there all by himself. Dan Fouts is a HOF'er, but the Chargers never gave him any support on defense. On the other hand, these guys did get their teams to the playoffs. But, there are lots of examples of mediocre QB's not only going to the playoffs, but winning it all.

Dan Marino is a perfect example of a QB with a great career, but no support around him. On the flip side, look at the SB winning Steelers with big Ben! He sucked and they won it all... That is why I'll take half of the "if's" and we truly have a chance! I TRUST HILL!
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