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1989 and 2009: The quick slant.

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A few here and there isn't going to sway the defense. Like I said "If we hit on some slants MORE often".

Thing is, if you do enough of it this will happened to our receivers... or worse an INT

That was a poor decision by the QB. Pump that to the slant and have your HB run a flat to the same side for a decent gain.
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quick slant is only affective if the receiver is a threat deep.
The funniest part about those 1989 49ers videos is those weren't even quick slants. Most of the plays idiots (commentators and fans alike) refer to as "slants" are actually drag routes. The slant was actually a rare play for the 49ers to run in those days. It was FAR from being a "staple" of the offense.
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