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Who Would You Say Michael Crabtree Compares to in the NFL?

I think the Tim Brown comparison is the best I have seen in this thread.
I think that Crabs is unique and it is tough to compare him to anyone though I think Tim Brown is a the closest comparison. He has good hands like him, and have similar running style except Tim had world class speed. Obviously Crabs has a lot of work to do to be mention in the same breath as Tim Brown by careers end.
Until he can take a lesson from mario, and learns how to shake, bake and fake off LOS, like Grigga, he doesn't remind me of anybody. Last yr was his low point, against the saints and NYG, never getting open...ok, once in one game and twice in the other. Yes he has gotten better this yr, but if he could learn and watch what mario does, off LOS, and once he catches the ball, it would be to his advantage. Right now crbs reminds me of a good college WR. When he gets bumped and held , he is going to have to learn to bump and shove. PS to crbs. Just watch mario.. The guy makes a living getting rid of defenders on LOS. Crbs won't be worth much until he can overcome the bump and holds. If he can get past that he can become great. Not $9 mil per/yr great, but great.
this is a dumb thread. He is good Like no other if you must know though i would say cross of boldin and alan rossum hahahha
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