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The 49ers have not approached Willis about an extension

The 49ers have not approached Willis about an extension

In not worried,when Patrick is ready for an extension,he'll go to Front Office and beat it out of them

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Patrick knows management will take care of him...he's focusing on getter better and making our defense top ten. He's not worried about it...he knows his time will come. Mac has to take care of some other business Baas, whether to extend him or not. His contract expires at the end of this season. Willis will be a Niner for many years...there's no disrespect from him or the team about his contract.
obviously option 2 is the answer here
his time will come and he will become the richest defensive player in the league.

nahh, middle/inside linebackers don't make that much bank, but i still expect a huge contract
It's not like he's underpaid, they should sign him next offseason
As long as we lock him up, I dont care when we do it. Looks like we have a Baby Ray Lewis on our hands. This is a rare player where you dont want them to go anywhere. Especially if you have to face him again.
I have no doubts that Willis will get signed and be a 49er for life!
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This poll is lacking options.

Pat isn't worried and neither am I. He'll get extended
Sign this guy already
Obviously he is an All Pro, but do we really know how much better this guy can get ?

He started MMA and claims that he has better footwork. Why would he want to sign an extension now if he still can prove that he is better than he is today

There's nothing to worry about here. Willis will get the extension that he deserves.
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